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Le Shack
  • Nomination for the “Built Architecture / Architecture and Heritage” section

Le Shack

Authors: arh. Raul Dan Ardelean, arh. Simina Dron
Firm: DAAA / Dron and Ardelean Architects

Builder: meșterii locali, beneficiarii, arhitecții
Client: Saint Friday Cottage

Authors’ Comment

A foundation stone for this edifice could read:

In the year of our Lord 2020, and Year 1 p. Covid, respectively, in the month of November, this Shack was erected, out of the need to supply the guests with plentiful meals in wintertime as well, and in fear of creating some architectural atrocity that would damage a fine 100-year half-timber house (our respects, great-grandparents Avida and Alexandru, the mason).

The following have endeavoured to build it, besides founders Cristina (the Chief) and Silviu (the Indian), in chronological order:
- the DAAA team, with crafty designs and inspired placement advice, with the uncovering and precise measurement;
- uncle Cristi & son, who, lacking the supervision of the DAAA team, poured the concrete “by elbow”, thus obtaining a right angle of 90 degrees, whereto they added, per law, a VAT of an additional 16 degrees, following the liberal principle: better too much than too little;
- uncle Vali of Corbeni, who cut and joined the irons as he best knew, often wearing a welding helmet, but oftentimes not, by virtue of his minimalist vision on the construction technique and on our eternal Romanian principle “’tis good enough”;
- the clients’ kids’ grandmother, encouraging us with her motivational: “haven’t you seen it’s crooked?” (an assertion subsequently withdrawn, under proof of measuring tape);
- helpful Father Ilie, who presently came to fill in a few welding points on the doors’ hinges – omitted by above-mentioned uncle Vali (out of the same minimalist spirit, we suspect);
- the same DAAA team for measuring the window-panes and readily helpful with installing the due 6 mm glass, without collateral or multilateral victims;
- the household cats, who were the first to declare the thermal comfort of the new bower, by appreciative purring.

Throughout its erection, among others, the following were consumed: plum brandy, palinka (cold-preventing, but also pleasure-inducing), and an unfathomable amount of meatless stuffed cabbage (eternal compliments to the author).

May this serve all as gratitude and fond remembrance! (and may the - rather thin - 4 mm polycarbonate hold, it was the only sort they had on stock and some rain was forecast...)

Text provided by Silviu Man, owner and client

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