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House with acacias

House with acacias

Authors: arh. Raul Dan Ardelean, arh. Simina Dron, arh. Alexandru Teodor Moldovan, arh. Andrei George Barbu, arh. Dănuț Mario Câcu
Firm: DAAA / Dron and Ardelean Architects

Authors’ Comment

Suburb; land with wide opening to the street, 2 neighbors and acacia edge; 2 adults + 1 cat; long-term guests; work from home; privacy; 150 sqm; ground floor.

A half a house with a triangle section, with the hypotenuse used as the roof, turned opaque towards the street, with one side used as a facade to the acacia yard, to which all the spaces open through the continuous but irregular glass perforation in the solid wall, and with the other side generating the axial plan of the house, represented by the corridor along which are lined, detached by 3 steps, the day and night spaces, for owners and for guests, separated by the office area placed in the secondary axis of the entrance that pierces the sloping roof.

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