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House in the forest
  • Nomination for the “Portfolio Architecture / Residential Architecture” section
  • Romanian Union of Architects Award for Excellence

House in the forest

Authors: arh. Raul Dan Ardelean, arh. Simina Dron, stud. arh. Alexandru Teodor Moldovan, stud. arh. Andrei Barbu, stud. arh. Dănuț Mario Câcu
Firm: DAAA / Dron and Ardelean Architects

Authors’ Comment

It is not a speech, it is a discussion

The house is in the woods
It's a road through the mass of trees to a metal grid.
It takes you out of the way and gives you direction.
It's this object, almost perfectly airtight.
- House stung with a syringe -
A gesture of sting, a transporteur.

What happens when you get inside?
So, in some terms, it's duality,
but not central.
It's a functional hierarchy on the right sides -
Left slingshot,
his right stone.

I didn't talk about the cross
and it is the structure of the house.
Neither the pillar nor the wall.
It has a center, and water, and it has fire,
And they are all places of the house.
And it has a ladder that takes you up,
on the slab.

But what would functional mean?
Countertop of 60, door of 80, step of 170?
The century of 100?
Or will it be a little more?
It seems not.
A structural cross with a center
tied to an inner core,
where nature stands: water, fire and earth.

To the right of the cross is a large bathroom,
with saunas, pools and erotic massage.
To the left of the cross is the house -
the yard, the beds and the kitchen.
And the rest is just space,
which you fill with light.
And with people.

And the conclusion? Isn't it really anterior?
Or is it too rigid?
Isn't this house damaged,
because it has no broken corners?

- Nichita, bring the hammer!

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