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  • Prize of the “Residential Architecture” section

Londra Residential Building, Bucharest

București, România
Authors: arch. Adrian Untaru – arhitect, arch. Andrei Șerbescu – arhitect, arch. Carmen Petrea – arhitect / ADN Birou de Arhitectura
Collaborators: structură: Incona
instalații: General Instal Comp, Alma Instal Pro
proiectant fațadă: Mircea Niculae
fotografii: Cosmin Dragomir

Authors’ Comment

The area at the intersection of Londra and Washington streets has a distinctive character from the neighbourhood, given by the massive ensemble of buildings on Londra street from no 16 to 20, historical monument, which is opposing the insertion.
Space - structure provides weight for the urban presence of our proposal, acting as a counterbalance for the large openings, in an attempt to equal the opposite front. The withdrawal of the central span and the cornice’s asymmetry breaks the volume in two in order to get closer to the scale of the neighbouring builldings.
Windows and deep loggias could be read as substractions from the massive stone volume. The structure of the house dematerializes verticaly - floors successively withdraw and windows increase, the side structure walls being perforated to the limit of their resistance. The gravitational force is transmitted in a continuous structural system and the facade is expressing this logic through stone stereotomy.
Lateral spans are for housing, while the central one accommodates the staircase.The 7 apartments boast spectacular urban views, becoming part of the interior spaces, while indwelling lets itself glimpsed from the street through large windows, enriching the urban experience.

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