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  • Prize of the “Residential Architecture” section

Occidentului 40

București, România
Authors: arch. Adrian Untaru, arch. Bogdan Brădățeanu, arch. Andrei Șerbescu, arch. Valentina Țigâră, arch. Pavel Albu / ADNBA
Collaborators: Manager de santier: Raluca Răescu
Structura: WERTYKL SRL
Instalații: ISATERM
Finisaje și fațadă: Edil Construct 2004
Fotografie: Cosmin Dragomir, Andrei Mărgulescu
Video: Andrei Mărgulescu

Authors’ Comment

Occidentului Street is a typical street for the central area of Bucharest, with isolated villas in the middle of the yard, wagon-houses, buildings from the interwar period and insertions from the ‘60s and ‘70s. The gerenal volume is decomposed through several movements and set-backs into a row of smaller houses with different heights that sequence the perception of the building and nuances the relationship to the neighbouring houses and the fragmentary surroundings.
The intervention proposes a community of 20 apartments and a commercial unit on the wide but relatively shallow plot. All units are transversal / double oriented and organized on split-levels. Instead of typical stacked general floors, here the floors and ceilings move and generate a series of staggered floors, level differences and variations in height and depth – lending the apartments something of the vertical dimension of dwelling.
The open facades reflect the varied interior life of the building and seeks a certain kind of ‘transparency’; the apartment arangement both defines and is defined by the structural order of the building and clearly reveals itself outwards.

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