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Office Interior Design

Office Interior Design

Authors: arh. Ștefan Alberto Bianco, arh. Iulia Popescu, arh. Oana Cucoranu, arh. Alexandru Cîrstea
Firm: Prographic Architecture Studio

Authors’ Comment

The brief of the project was generated by the building's owners, who wanted an attractive space for future tenants. The concept therefore did not start from the field of activity or from the characteristics of a specific company, but from the need to create an atmosphere in which, contemporary design elements together with warm accents transform the space into a place adapted to several types of tenants.

Entering the space, the user walks through a large common area, composed of the reception, lounge-type spaces, the open cafeteria, collaboration and informal meeting areas, the actual work space being the last accessed. The common area becomes a place with a strong visual identity, where design accents are concentrated. The "homie" atmosphere is intertwined with elements characteristic of the industrial style, and the space, both from an aesthetic and functional point of view, becomes suitable for a wide typology of users.