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[ALMD] Almendres Art Center

Evora, Portugalia
Authors: arch. Alexandru Crișan, arch. Ana - Maria Crișan / CRISAN ARCHITECTURE & Engineering Srl
Collaborators: Ioana Turcanu, Ana Cristian

Authors’ Comment

The astro-geometry plays a significant role in understanding the functionality and the cultural aspects behind the stone monument. Besides the lunar significance of Almendres, one particular aspect of the site is that stones face both the sunrise and sunset of the equinoxes, due to the fact that Almendres draws two circles. In this regard, the “unseen geometry”, written in the sky, is redesigned, engraved in the large tectonic plaque that covers the cultural space.
Written signs and written visual language – imprinting: The surface is actually one of the most sensitive parts in understanding the art and geometry of the Almendres, from a human scale point of view. Thus the tectonic design imprinting the surface is to be interpreted in the sense of the mid-relief, bas-relief and alto-relief, in different parts of the centre.

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