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București, România
Authors: arch. Alexandru Crișan, arch. Ana - Maria Crișan / CRISAN ARCHITECTURE & Engineering Srl
Collaborators: arhitectura: Ioana Turcanu
structura: Mircea Crisan
instalatii: Alexandru Iatan
render: Tudor Vasiliu

Authors’ Comment

The proposal shows the spatial typology between two blind walls, an internal volume fullness and emptiness developed vertically. The dialogue created between goals and floating plates for reading is unified space provided at the top zenith light to the interior atrium. Volumetric developed between the two shells involves building facade monument assimilating a new volume in the interior façade. The tectonic of exposed concrete, the main material used in interior spatial composition highlights the dialogue between the two buildings. Paradoxically, the apparently heavy plates floating in the interstitial space, an effect due to the movement of the structure perimeter and interior spaces release.

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