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  • Nomination for the “Architectural Visions and Architectural Research” section

[FH2] DANUBIUS-RI.DELTA CORE. International Centre for Advanced Studies for River-Delta Sea Systems

Murighiol, jud. Tulcea, România
Authors: arch. Alexandru Crișan, arch. Ana - Maria Crișan / CRISAN ARCHITECTURE & Engineering Srl
Collaborators: arhitectura: Ioana Turcanu

Authors’ Comment

[FH2] DANUBIUS-RI - Phase2 - DELTA CORE, the result applied to the study of architectural image for the International Centre for Advanced Studies for River-Sea Systems Delta. The center is set up like a smart multifunctional research platform medium-sized developed a unique construction on the ground floor and basement partially deployed on a footprint of approx. 15,000 sqm. The total building area is approx. 30,000sqm.
The architectural research platform is represented by a tile camouflaged ground level. Volume detached seeks specific configuration of existing sites. Camouflage, interpreted architecturally, implement behavioral adaptive to the loan and not just aesthetic (Neil Leach). The interior space (Co) relational outer space highlights the sensitivities of an ecosystem in training in architecture, as part of the support, translate different elements of biodiversity reported human factor.

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