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[AALTO] International Architectural Competition for an Extension between the Alvar Aalto Museum and the Museum of Central Finland

Jyvaskyla Ruusupuisto, Finlanda
Authors: arch. Alexandru Crișan, arch. Ana - Maria Crișan / CRISAN ARCHITECTURE & Engineering Srl
Collaborators: Ioana Turcanu, Delia Prisecaru

Authors’ Comment

A link sometimes becomes the articulation that acts with modesty as a fluid architecture.
A link sometimes materializes as a space DRAWN BY DYNAMICS: the dynamic of the art-intaking people, the dynamic of the light touching the landscape and dispersing into the Alvar Aalto built canyon along its natural curves.
A link sometimes dreams to be ARCHITECTURE, architecture floating above the organically drawn landscape, an architecture PROTECTING A GAP between two buildings: Alvar Aalto Museum and Museum of Central Finland.
The project aims to reassert the currently built configuration of both existing museums welded by a minimalist geometrically defined enclosure. The proposed extension airily lays and floats, accentuating the metaphysic relation between Alvar Aalto Museum and Museum of Central Finland. The rooftop, a simple minimal slab, acts as a horizontal connection, defining the contemporary interpretation of specific details of the Aalto architecture, (re)formulating its iconic identity.

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