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[BAV] Romanian Pavilion at Biennale di Venezia

Venezia, Italia
Authors: arch. Ana - Maria Crișan, arch. Alexandru Crișan / CRISAN ARCHITECTURE & Engineering Srl
Collaborators: Ioana Turcanu

Authors’ Comment

Status as a matter of fact. A Report from the battle field… shouldn’t be hard since the Romanian architecture lives permanently in a combatant and combative state… While other countries have gone through periods of war; on the architectural scene Romania faces a post-war, developing war and a pre-war period. After World War II, many European developed countries have found their built space marked by war and took attitude, reconstructing and restoring the balance, long time ago, decades ago. Other countries such as Serbia, Albania, still carry the traces of the war they fought in and their built is in a State of war. Romania is the place where World War II left its traces negligible (in comparison with European countries), which ironically looks like a war field, marked by earthquakes (1977), or by the interventions of the Communist regime. Evaluating the damages we find significant traces similar to those left by the world wars. From the abandoned rural areas or those with a critical density, to the urban areas expanded chaotic, with an incoherent tissue, up to the abandoned industrial sites, the built of his country is the reflection of a State of war: a domestic war with financial funds, demographic movements, and political regimes.

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