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Apartment in Brașov

Brașov, jud. Brașov, România
Authors: arch. Radu Teacă, arch. Andreea - Maria Marinescu / Artline
Collaborators: arh. Pietro Aureliano Dorissa
Execuție: Construct Smarco - Corina Aldica, Călin Aldica; Publimprest - Tudor Migia;
Artelier; Bang & Olufsen Romania - Horațiu Ionescu; FutureHouseGroup - Adi Micu, Dan Cionca;
Foto: Radu Malașincu

Authors’ Comment

The project was circumscribed to the idea of transforming an existing space, situated in an important residential complex in Brașov, with its own flaws: pillars outside the planes of the walls, installation ducts, beams, doors and windows in abundance and randomly placed, into an apartment meant to emanate the intention of a volitive act (where the “necessity” dictated by the structure and the technical services is diluted as much as possible) regarding the fluidity of the spaces, surfaces and materials.
All “accidents” mentioned above were concealed through the intervention with claddings and built-in furniture so as the rooms to be defined in the end by simple rectangular forms, forms which also contribute in highlighting the furniture, the audio-video installation, composed of objects which have by themselves an aesthetic value.
Also with the purpose of obtaining this “clean” neutral background, capable of highlighting the contained objects, we opted for the use of white. At the same time, with the intention of creating a domestic atmosphere, we considered proper the presence of wood on the ceiling of the main spaces (living room, dining room and the access stairway), under the form of glued laminated timber planks, through which we inserted the ceiling lights, and which eliminate the need of ventilation grilles.

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