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Residential complex, commercial spaces and offices

București, România
Author: arch. Radu Teacă / Artline
Collaborators: arh. Pietro Dorissa
arh. Corina Nicola
arh. Beniamin Grăjdeanu

Authors’ Comment

The site, in its present state, undoubtetly has a hostile environment of dwelling, populated by a damaged industry, built in communism, without any architectural value. As a whole, the area has a major advantage, which is fast way connections with the city center, also full of public transport network routes that facilitates the acces to the studied site.
The walk through the semi-private garden that surrounds the two collective bars creates a beneficial space of silence that accompanies the tenant in a pleasant way in passing the road between Giulesti avenue and the entrace to the dwelling.
The existing tower, which provides identity to the site and has become a landmark of the area over time cannot be preserved because of its precarious state of structure, but it attempted to recover the image by cutting the highest area of one of the bars, forming a slender silhouette.
The ensemble has a different approach to the two major functions, the public and the private ones. If the first one is neutral, supported on a structure of lamelar pillars that make up at the same time a public portic, the second one, destinated for living, has some more dynamic shapes.

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