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The house on Melody street.

București, România
Author: arch. Monica Despina Sache / Tag Architecture
Collaborators: Vlad Savulescu, Irina Georgescu, T. Pavlu (structural engineering), F. Rasanu (HVAC)

Authors’ Comment

Summarizing the subjectivity of a livelihood specific to a way of life, embodying the nostalgia of all who have populated a typology specific to the city - the wagon house with a courtyard, the guiding character in reading the approach of our proposal invites to the successive discovery of the building through a series of images, filmically inviting to the contemplation and assumption of a set of rituals and routines that encompass memories and images and continues from the old to the new, from the existing to the proposed.
The new construction follows the old one on the lot, returns around the plot and forms the inner yard. The succession of the proposed dwelling spaces now has other proportions, but things are the happening in the same way, at the same rate, cadence, subjectivity. The spaces of the day zones communicate now directly, they are more permeable and the yard becomes totally protected, ordered and concentrated as dimensions, the circular terrace in direct connection with the yard offers the preservation of the old courtyard dimensions, the vegetation has found its place ... everything still preserves the same rhythm.

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