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Ostasilor 8

București, România
Author: arch. Monica Despina Sache / TAG Architecture
Collaborators: Structura: Pavlu Design Construct
Instalatii: AD Clima, D&D Eurocom
Fotografii: Vlad Eftenie

Authors’ Comment

The building in Ostasilor 8 is located in a diffuse, traditional urban fabric of central Bucharest, in which the urban architectural, historical values and the natural environment are protected in their entirety, street texture and built environment alike. The area has a high living standard and a scenic air. In trying to reply to pragmatic requirements and to retain a respectful attitude towards the area, the building adopts one of the central themes of modernist architecture-the terraced volumetric, the building retracting successively from the street alignment while the height rises and reaches the level of neighboring buildings-, as well as the existing architectural language. The proposal offers a contemporary interpretation of the attributes of the existing built environment, the buildings entering a natural dialogue, where there is no subordination or mimetism.
The mediation of current living requirements - ample and flexible spaces, generous glazing, modern facilities- and of the living typology specific to the area – single family houses or collective housing with gardens- is followed. Thus every living unit of the first 3 levels of the building has generous balconies while the top three incorporate ample terraces that allow for landscaping.

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