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București, România
Author: arch. Monica Despina Sache / TAG Architecture

Authors’ Comment

The demarcation between functions is not stiff and restricting, the spaces are not closed off rather have permeable limits that combine and continue in a succession of natural use; the livingroom and bedrooms become focal points that arrange related spaces around them in a hierarchy of intimacy levels. The spaces are permeable, the kitchen and living room in direct communication while the working space continues the dining room that is adjacent to the livingroom. The same rule continues visually, the working space being separate but not isolated, the dividing glass surface providing participation as well as separation when quiet is needed. In the bathrooms the matte, opaque glass allows natural light to enter. Fluid limits, glass surfaces and a luminous chromatic bring the light in the interior, the apartment becoming a quiet island detached from urban noise. Materially, the spaces are clothed in pure, simple surfaces, without artifice or pretentiousness, supporting the functions, lighting and acoustics: concrete ceiling, slate flooring and glass in the livingroom; cut and volumetric travertine, ample mirrored surfaces and translucent glass in the bathrooms; white and soft floors, simple, dense and translucent curtains and warm wood in the bedrooms.

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