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CUB House

CUB House

Authors: arh.Miruna Ardelean

render: Dragos Maxinoiu

Authors’ Comment

A well-arranged house is a house that when you stepped inside, after a long and tiring day, you feel that you have entered in completely another world, in your personal universe in which you will be able to relax and recharge your batteries for the next days. In order to create a coherent environment in an interior, textiles have an extremely important role and can contribute decisively to the elaboration of the character and style of the space. We choose them taking into consideration certain principles of compositional purpose but also aesthetics, depending on our favourite shapes, graphics and colours. And everything talks about the emotion that an environment gives you and about the aesthetic comfort that we interior design specialists, focus on. The interior space of the house is not generous, so the intimacy of the space was an argument in the decision to think of generous glazed spaces. The integration of the inner courtyard inside the house was a MUST HAVE. Games of light and shadow, light scenarios, guidelines through the space with the proposed architectural light, were completed with statement pieces of lighting. All of that embracing the creation of well-being. The emotion of the space is incredible and the functional distribution of the day and night area is clearly defined. Well-known brands such as Poliform, Mooi, Porada, Delta Light, Atlas Concorde, Karman Light are mixed with customized product design. A controlled synergy at chromatic, textural and graphic level transforms this interior design into a place meant to live and love.

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