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Smart Luxury solutions contest for an apartment
  • Nomination for the “Portfolio Architecture / Interior Design” section

Smart Luxury solutions contest for an apartment

Authors: arh. Paul Călin Machedon, arh. Laura-Ioana Oniga, arh. Theodor Alexandru Dinu
Firm: MOD

Authors’ Comment

Due to the daily tumult, we find ourselves engaged in a continuous accelerated activity, so the proposed scenario aims to recover two defining criteria of the home. Firstly, the dwelling or rather the home, manifests itself in the form of seclusion from the public, a withdrawal from the demands of everyday life, a concealed, private place of self-recovery. Secondly, the home manifests itself as a secluded place, protected from the restless exterior. At home, for us, means both the place of self-recovery and the environment suitable for socializing, of chatting with those close to us. In this sense, our proposal seeks to discover this double hypostasis of the ‘home’, recovering the natural behavior itself.
Equally, our proposal seeks to express this bivalence of this home, a place as secluded as it is open. Our hypothesis starts from the presumption of the natural, as such the proposed theme, Smart Luxury, can be translated by a natural that we all comprehend, a natural of quality. Starting from this theme, we cannot outline the image of the person who will live in this apartment. So according to our scenario, at home, one must be able to accommodate from the young man alone in search of assertion, to the oldest individual.
At first glance, we consider the proportions of the proposed apartment appropriate. How can we obtain spaces suitable for living starting from these proportions? In our proposal, the separation of the spaces should be seen rather as a diffuse border. We considered it appropriate to express this boundary in the form of a retaining wall. Following this idea, the wall becomes the furniture that separates and contains equally. The proposed furniture represents at the same time the entrance hall, the library, the pantry and the wardrobe. Thus, the rooms are properly attached to this furniture-wall.
According to the above, the value of this proposal starts from the skillful solution of the common, the natural, in which we all find ourselves and to which we tend equally.