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COVID Pharmacy

COVID Pharmacy

Authors: Arh. Carmen Orzea, Arh. Sabina Iancu, Arh. Radu Calin, Arh. Sebastian Mindroiu
Firm: Picktwo Studio SRL

Authors’ Comment

COVID Pharmacy is a fictitious space that answers some problems that appeared this year. I noticed the large number of people who crowd in pharmacies, all of them people in the high risk category, and I proposed a series of measures through the interior design approached.

1. The pharmacy has a windfang at the entrance that has several functions: space for lifting packages ordered online and space for over-the-counter medication machines. This windfang is non stop open.

2. The pharmacy has serpentine shelves, and between the shelves alveoli of 1 person are created, thus helping to distance themselves physically.

3. The pharmacy has a specialized collection office inside, for advice and emergency assistance.

4. The cash registers are provided with transparent protective screens included in the design

5. The materials are 100% antibacterial

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