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Ludic. An idea presents itself

Ludic. An idea presents itself

Authors: arh. Vlad Bașcă, arh. Răzvan Șoptică, Elena Bașcă
Firm: Baska Architecture

Client: Smart luxury design competition by Delta Studio

Authors’ Comment

A project theme for an interior design is presented itself for an (un)known client. In the multiple attempts of deciding for whom it’s intended, what needs does this (un)known client have, the promotor’s demands and every developer’s obvious requirements, build-expose-sell, Ludic apartment is conceived as an experimental attempt. We’ll refer to it as simply, Ludic, because, besides the obvious fact of being non-organic, not human, we think it presents character and can offer quite the experience. The art of living, modern way of life and home were generating wordkeys for the (un)known client’s profile, whom by our understanding it’s a person (no gender or orientation disclosure) that seeks thrilling experiences, art passionate, avid reader, tea drinker, music & film enthusiast, sports person and pretty much everything that feeds the mind and spirit. With direct influence of the Luogo e Segni experienced by every visitor of the museum with the same name, the Ludic concept is based on creating experiences, regardless of any-day activities like cooking, socializing, reading, watching films or work. We admit, cleaning may be a challenge in this apartment but it’s a small compromise of which some housewives may raise it to levels as high as art. Dedicated to this (un)known client, Ludic represents a playful crossbreed between an exhibition area and a house, having an established path of visualizing the various exhibits (ceramic tiles placed on the wall and floors, the furniture, lighting fixtures, electronic devices and so on) which permanently invite to experimentation, forcing it’s occupant or visitor to discover every corner of it. Functionally wise, Ludic is composed of 5 spaces with separate purposes, integrating an exhibition path of the various pieces that compose the interior design: Kerama experience display (the dressing area), Franke’s Kitchen, Delta’s Book Cluster- a reader’s den, Ditre’s night films and Ideal’s Lavatory. With influences from Japanese culture, the central cluster separates the space and organizes the exhibition path of the design without visual obstruction, but rather a more driven way towards each space. Regarding the overall atmosphere, Ludic situates itself in a pastel chromatic, with warm accents from the use of wood of the book cluster, the kitchen and the neutral grey-black-beige-white of the mix of ceramic tiles used on side walls and floors.
To conclude, Ludic, an apartment meant to an (un)known client makes it’s appearance as a small place with high requirements, ready to offer new experiences to the visionaries, those who are bold enough to knock on it’s door.

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