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Study of interior design for an apartment

Study of interior design for an apartment

Authors: arh. Tudor Antemir, arh. Ștefania Hîrleață, arh. Radu Tîrcă, arh. Cristi Bădescu

Authors’ Comment

The project aims to transform each of the 48 square meters of the apartment in a place in itself, with distinct spatial qualities. Hanging in a difficult balance between total flexibility and excessive constraint, the proposed arrangement wants to incite creative uses of space. The main intervention is thus reduced to the minimum possible - a multifunctional box.

Its location is independent of the walls and the rotation in plan determines the main areas of the apartment. The kitchen, living room, bedroom, and dressing room are outlined without the need for definitive wall barriers. Instead, curtains are used that enhance the diagonals of the plane, giving rise to unexpectedly long perspectives in a small space. Inside, the box holds together the retractable bed, storage, and dining area. The bedroom can thus become an office or can work together with the living room.

The high furniture of the living room and kitchen "thickens" a single wall, freeing up the rest of the space. The neutrality of this wall is also accentuated by the possibility of hiding the cooking area with harmonic panels. Their grooved finish imposes a rhythm and detail of the wall that highlights the differentiated material of the library. The living room is pushed towards the glazed areas and, together with the opening to the bedroom, creates a large space where you can perceive the total length of the apartment.

The curved wall of the toilet customizes it, enhancing its status as a secondary space. Trough its articulation with the central box, space dilates and contracts and thus transforming the second room into something more than a „by the books” generic bedroom. In fact, beyond choosing materials, finishes, and furniture, the main purpose of the project is to question the generic and anonymous spaces of contemporary real estate developments. As an answer, we propose an apartment that has surprises, hidden corners, and truly flexible spaces