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PORC Flagship Store – Calea Victoriei

PORC Flagship Store – Calea Victoriei

Authors: arh. Alexandru Ofrim, arh. Otilia Sorete Arbore, arh. Adrian Musat
Firm: ateliero

Collaborators: Lumini - Consolight - Arelux, LED - Cromalight - Eduard Pomjanek, Mobila + Accesorii - Fabricate, Sonorizare - Audio Pro, Elemente Inox - Inox Art Style, Beton - Ir Colours - Leonard Horvat, Constructor - RedPoint, Sigla Neon - DAR Neon, Poze - Vlad Patru

Authors’ Comment

PORC | Porc-à-Porter Flagship Store by ATELIERO

Located in the heart of Calea Victoriei Street, street wear enthusiasts discover the first PORC store, full of industrial textures and animated by colors.
The first idea was to insert in the design elements of a slaughterhouse / butchery / meat store. (Porc means Pig / Swine in Romanian)
For this, a series of "cliché" textures and elements were chosen: Glossy square ceramics, stainless steel, hooks, choppers, knives, chains, etc.
The lighting fixtures are manufactured especially for this project, from scales and meat shredders. The walls are also "cut" by LED lighting.
The most "instagramable" part is the animated logo on the wooden background, located in the back of the store.

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