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Botanique Bouquet de Cafe

București, România
Author: arch. Alexandru Ofrim / Ateliero
Collaborators: Coautor: arh. Horia VÎLCEANU
Colaborator: designer floral Adina FICULESCU
Fotografii: Radu MALAȘINCU

Authors’ Comment

Lately, all the bars and restaurants that are opened in the center of Bucharest, tend to put a lot of emphasis on creativity and design. Botanique is one of them. Located In the Old Center of Bucharest, The flower shop is designed as a multipurpose space, the coffee and whine bar area has 24 spots that can be arranged tables of 2/4/5/9.The concrete wall confers an industrial feel that contrasts with the beauty of the flowers.
All the furniture elements are custom made for this project. Botanique is a new coffee shop concept, where the flowers play an important role in the design. On 17.11.2016, after 3 months since the inauguration, the city hall banned the activity, because a new law passed, that stated that it is forbidden to have commercial spaces in buildings that have earthquake hazard label. Now, the coffee shop is looking for a new space...

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