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FFW to 2029 – Video production office
  • Nomination for the “Interior Space Architecture / Corporate and Retail Space Design” section

FFW to 2029 – Video production office

Authors: arh. Alina Andreea Vîlcu
Firm: Pianoterra

Builder: Voinea Construct/Fabrica Flash
Client: Multi Media Est

Authors’ Comment

Occupying a floor space of 200sqm in a mixed use building, the offices are meant to be an adaptive, everchanging set. The starting point of the creative process was the very nature of the firm’s activity – super dynamic and fast forward moving, diverse projects coming in, each with different teams of people from creative industries, crazy working hours and a young edgy vibe overall. This is the reason the space planning is not a traditional one, but it consists in 3 communal tables and one sofa seating area; people cand gather around or find a solo spot in a high back armchair.
We wanted an interior with pizzazz and flair, representative for the values and aspirations of the ad industry. So we assembled elements form contrasting stories, in order to narrate a unique story with spice and creative tension. So, we put together velvet and brass with raw concrete and structural bricks, straight lines with curvy art deco ones, cold and warm light temperature, all floating in a big “negative space”. The negative empty space is what is inviting people to create new sets, to move furniture around and to control their environment, without altering the overall concept.

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