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Retro Future – Stem cells bank

Retro Future – Stem cells bank

Authors: arh. Dana Georgescu, arh. Alina Andreea Vîlcu
Firm: Pianoterra

Builder: JMS
Client: Rețeaua privată de sănătate Regina Maria

Authors’ Comment

We were commissioned to design a very small but filled with challenges space – the public area adjacent of the tank room (where the stem cells are stored), more exactly the place were the sales presentations are made. Regina Maria was the first in the industry to introduce stem cells bank in Romania, with cutting edge equipment and research to support their business. Therefore, as small as it was, the importance of the venue is crucial for the brand awareness – acting more as a showroom, a place where anybody can dive into the brand story.
Put aside functional requirements (few seating areas that can be combined together) our focus was to narrate a strong visual story about the power of life and technology in medicine.
We have used and distributed two elements: bio shapes – derived from the cell design and “the portal” leading to the tank room. We wanted to highlight the transparency and honesty of a super tech medical process. Therefore we created a retro future visual story, with many layers, formed by juxtaposed arches and wrapped in desaturated colors, like a scenography that leas the eye to the main focal point – the tank room. We have chosen as main shade the powder pink, as it is a color associated with new born life and decided to use very minimal decor let the space breathe.

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