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Kinetic Sport & Medicine

Kinetic Sport & Medicine

Authors: arh. Letiția Bărbuică, arh. Andreea Filipeanu
Firm: Head Made Architecture SRL

Collaborators: Beneficiar Centrul Medical Unirea

Authors’ Comment

The space is organised in two distinct areas, on two distinct floors: kinetic - therapy gym area for adults and kinetic - therapy gym area for children. Correspondingly, there are consultation rooms, massage studios, changing rooms. As there is movement involved we worked with dynamic forms at the ceiling levels – long, linear lamps, hexagonal shapes, which are also reflected in the floor design. The children area is colourful and has flexible partitions massage studios. These rooms take over the dynamic shaped forms form the gym area, in a different chromatic pallet. We hope to create a space of happiness and encouragements which is need it for medical recovery.

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