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49 Gafencu Residence Apartment

49 Gafencu Residence Apartment

Authors: arh. Alexandru Ofrim, arh. Otilia Sorete Arbore

Collaborators: Atelier Vast (Riflaje Lemn Masiv), Delta Studio (Sanitare, Ceramica), Komandor (Mobila), Rovere Mobili, (Mobila), Orion (Iluminare)

Authors’ Comment

Eclecticism is the most appropriate word to describe the atmosphere of this apartment in the northern side of Bucharest. Situated in a luxury residential building on a quiet street, the 178 square meter apartment features clear tones and powerful contrasts. The generous living room has both a dining area and a fireplace area, which is set on a black marble wall. Gray and black tones intersect in the master bedroom. The wood texture is the noble accent that is present in every room of the apartment.

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