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Singer concept store

Singer concept store

Authors: arh.Kalliopi Dimou, arh.Sorin Istudor, arh.Ștefan Păvăluță
Firm: skaarchitects

Antreprenor general : Ergorom
Mobilier interior : DiSeto Furniture
Photo: Serioja Bocsok

Authors’ Comment

Singer Concept Store is a pilot project initiated by Singer Romania, located in a central and busy area of ​​Bucharest, on 7 Halelor Street. On the ground floor of a historic building, the store is structured / implemented with a showroom area, service area, tailoring workshops and offices.
The general idea supports the dialogue between memory and present, familiarity and playfulness. The space is composed of 2 areas: the window to the street and the showroom inside.
In the first space, with a visible connection to the urban, the project illustrates a history of the company, from the past to the present, on a bright background, uniform on all surfaces and personalized with landmarks from tailoring templates. The composition between the display furniture and the graphics is supported by a kinetic installation, composed of an old Singer car (rare model in the world) and an LED background screen. The car works autonomously and prints an auditory (inside) and visual (outside) timbre, by moving the pedal and the wheel, which makes the connection between past and present, inside and outside.
The showroom, a space with several functional areas includes: a central exhibition area, a meeting room panoramically divided by a wood and glass joinery, an area for tailoring workshops, the service and the cash register. The ceiling is evenly finished, with a woven pattern at the entrance. The entire showroom space is supported on the background by a velvet curtain, behind which are the company's offices.
The storage and display furniture, the work tables, the wallpaper were executed according to the project for both spaces. The main material is wood, present both naturally and in neutral paint. Color accents are found in connecting metal parts and display furniture.

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