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Apartment MP

Apartment MP

Authors: arh. Alexandru Ofrim, arh. Otilia Sorete-Arbore
Firm: ateliero

Collaborators: Ceramica și Sanitare- Porcelanosa, Tapet - Wall & Deco, Pardoseala Beton - Grisco Construct, Producător Mobilier - Modul Design, Riflaje Lemn Masiv - Atelier Vast, Întrerupatoare și Prize - Buster + Punch, Corpuri de Iluminat - Luminna, Uși Filomuro și Plinte - White Design, Elemente Metal - Atelier Drag, Compartimentări Sticlă - Decorativo, Bucătărie Fenix - Kuxa Studio - Arrital, Mobilier - BoConcept, Ditre Italia, Fotografii - arh. Vlad PĂTRU

Authors’ Comment

Located in the northern part of Bucharest, the apartment is an oasis of light and tranquility and was a real challenge in terms of interior design, both the concept and the implementation.
The clients wanted their place to be a state of mind, a place to really feel at home and to represent them. These desires have been translated into a high-end, industrial glam design with warm accents and neutral colors.
We expressed the freedom that was offered to us in design through a set of simple but opposite textures. We achieved an equilibrum by balancing the wood with concrete, and we highlighted the precious materials with LED strips.
The 245 sq m home is clearly divided into day area and night area through the vestibule and a generous hallway.
The living is an open space: the kitchen is in direct connection with the dining area and the couch area.
From the vestibule to the night area we changed the tone of the shades to create a more personal setting. The bathrooms are treated differently and each offers a balanced image in the context. The main attraction is the master bedroom that is open to the bathroom and dressing room. Although the transition between the two: bedroom - bathroom is almost imperceptible due to the glass walls, we still managed to offer privacy by using curtains as visual dividers.
The lighting part plays an important role, it adds value to the whole design.

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