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Barn House

Barn House

Authors: arh. Izabela Adelinne Tudorache
Firm: PRAG Studio

Structure project: Ing. Andrei Badiu
plumbing: Ing. Mihai Terzi
Client: Crihană Costel și Crihană Andra

Authors’ Comment

Although it is not located in a valuable current architectural context, through our proposal we wanted to remember the old Vlasiei Woods that once covered the area and of which only a few small patches of forest remained. Taking and thus adapting the idea of a barn, the house is made up of simple and subtle volumes that intertwine in contrast and asymmetry and form a unitary ensemble.
Although the barn itself suggests physical labor, the proposed house offers the exact opposite feeling of relaxation and calm. The natural elements are taken both externally through the ventilated facades and at the structural and interior design level, with wood being the substrate on all three levels. In addition to its subtle presence and small footprint, the home is environmentally and energy-friendly, using renewable resources, a very important aspect for the Crihana family, who themselves are the kind of people who try to protect the environment as much as possible . Simplicity and naturalness can also be found in the interior spaces, which are organized in a compact and useful way.