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Cottage complex

Cottage complex

Authors: arh. Andreea Iulia Turbatu, arh. Onisim Bulgariu
Firm: ArhitectO (Onisim Architecture and Design SRL)

Authors’ Comment

If you want to enjoy a dream vacation with friends, family or your loved one, you can opt for vacation cottages. They become the ideal options for those who want to experience constant moments of relaxation and who appreciate premium quality. The buildings were finalized on a 1500 square meter plot in Busteni, one of the most visited mountain areas in the country. They take the form of typical Scandinavian homes, with a pointed roof and straight lines that blend perfectly. However, it offers an intimate air that inspires comfort and familiarity through every pore. Here you will be able to recharge your batteries after weeks of work and you will surely enjoy unique experiences. The cottages were carefully thought out by a specialized team, which took care of all the steps necessary to create harmonious spaces, from architecture to interior design.
The yard has a generous gazebo. Here you can quietly enjoy your morning coffee and admire the beauty of the surrounding nature. The living area is open space, which gives the atmosphere a fresh, airy touch. In addition, it eliminates the feeling of overcrowding. The outdoor space has a special place where a campfire can be organized. If you want to enjoy an authentic mountain experience, gather your friends around a campfire, sing together and share stories.
• Respects the premises of visual balance - All components complement each other to finalize a harmonious whole. You won't have the feeling for even a second that there is something missing from the landscape.
• Emphasizes the importance of quality - Some of the best materials have been used, both in terms of architectural and interior design activities. All alternatives guarantee high standards of strength and durability.
• Creates a cozy atmosphere, which fits exactly the characteristics of a dream vacation - Fluffy carpets, minimalist style furniture, but also rustic decorations, in tune with the landscape, have been added. The color palette includes neutral shades, just so as not to get tired from a visual point of view. The finishes used are as delicate as they are unconventional.