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The great „full”

The great „full”

Authors: arh. Andreea Guriță, arh. Robert-Gabriel Stoicescu
Firm: Nebula Architects

Authors’ Comment

The great void of the desert is the great full. In this framework, each particle of sand is part of the entire fabric of mystery that covers even the most hidden place of desert.
In a moving sea sand, of which undulation determines an infinity of soft lines in the landscape from one moment to the next, the surroundings seem to continuously express new messages through its silhouettes.
The objects that take place here meet the challenge of receiving the encrypted words of the desert narration and fixing it in time.
Thus, the general concept shows the idea of marking a firm position in site that would bring to light the secrets of the special landscape.
Starting from the natural slopes of the site, there were considered the favorable positions for the insertion of the two houses to be as little intrusive as possible.
A clear connection between villa A and vlla B is permanently maintained throughout the housing complex due to their position on the same axis generated by the landscape.