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T.DS House

T.DS House

Authors: arh. Andreea Iulia Turbatu, arh. Onisim Bulgariu
Firm: ArhitectO (Onisim Architecture and Design SRL)

Structure project: SAFE STRUCTURES DESIGN S.R.L.

Authors’ Comment

With a futuristic air, the T.DS house is clear proof that simplicity can create the most impressive visual effects. The house has been completed in Otopeni, on a plot of approximately 650 sqm and is spread over two floors. Access is through a covered terrace, located on the side of the building. Regarding the organization of the interior space, each component has been carefully integrated to easily define a pleasant, family atmosphere.

The main elements that transform the architecture project into a constant source of unique experiences are:

● The living area is located on the ground floor. Each room is compartmentalized in such a way as to provide constant moments of relaxation. The space integrates an open space living room with the kitchen, which adds functionality to the overall aesthetic. It also offers a generous bedroom for guests. It also features a two-ramps, metallic staircase, representative of the modern design style.
● The night area offers the perfect premises for perfect experiences. It consists of three bedrooms. The most generous in terms of space is the master bedroom, which has a private bathroom and dressing room.
● From the living area there is access to a terrace that offers a superb view. It is covered, which gives the tenants the opportunity to spend authentic moments outdoors at any time. In addition, the space is generous enough to organize family parties or improvise a place to relax.

In addition to the many functional advantages it offers, the home also stands out through the harmonious alignment of design and architectural elements:

● All materials have been carefully chosen to give the place extra elegance, good taste and comfort. Also, the best manufacturers have been chosen to guarantee long-term use. The team of architects took into account all possible risks and aligned everything with the safety standards in force.
● The color palette integrates neutral shades, which balance visually. Variations of white, cream, beige and gray work well in a minimalist setting that inspires organization.
● Large floor-to-ceiling windows let natural light into the home and maximize space. The interior space therefore becomes an oasis of peace, where you can retreat to forget the stress factors accumulated during the day. It is the perfect place to quickly charge yourself with positive energy. Natural light is complemented by artificial light, coming from state-of-the-art lighting fixtures.