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Grey Apartment

București, România
Authors: arch. Eliza Yokina, arch. Cosmin Anghelache, arch. Cristian Voinea / SYAA
Collaborators: Productie metal – Vertigo Metal
Productie blaturi lemn – Materia
Productie mobilier metalic – Vertigo Metal
Bucatarie, mobilier la comanda – Fronte, accesorii Superfront
Lampi – Flos, Norman Copenhagen, Artemide
Bai – Agape, Marazzi, Duravit, Hansgrohe
Pardoseli – Grisco

Authors’ Comment

The beneficiaries of this interior design are a young family who wanted an airy, discreet space representative for their way of life. From the beginning the brief centred on the grey tones that have dictated the design, as the clients wished for a calm, relaxing and yet elegant background.
The concrete grey of the ceiling is the visual element that unifies the entire space, resulted from the desire to maximize the height of the space and diminish the impact of interior plating. By using lamps with different colours and textures the soberness of the neutral tones is reduced.
In addition to the color palette, the clients came with a selection of design objects that SYAA took it over and built on the space environment. The beneficiaries are admirers of simplicity and minimalism, therefore we tried to create an interior representative for their life-style.

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