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București, România
Authors: arch. Elena Dragu, arch. Maria Fofircă - Iacob, st.arch. Radu Matei / CUMULUS ARCHITECTURE

Authors’ Comment

The idea of a day center arose from the will of the "Ana and the Children" Association to increase the development possibilities of socially disadvantaged children as for them to become members of a family and community. The project evolved on a voluntary basis through which we have become friends of these children.
The center is a "hub" of education outside of school hours, dining, social assistance and individual supervision, cultural and extra-curricular activities. Being dedicated to pupils and preschoolers, it presents a game of multi-valent spaces, that can be adapted to the average age.
As a general picture, emphasis is placed on primary lighting and colors, and the playful facades strengthen the idea of children's creativity development through simple information.
The prefabricated concrete panels and the mixed coating of polycarbonate and thermo-insulating panels are part of the embraced materials that offer constructive up-to-date solutions.
Although we have formed a thorough team of professional supporters, the project grows every day and awaits for new volunteers to get involved.

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