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OK Center

București, România
Authors: arch. Elena Dragu, arch. Cosmin Anghelache, arch. Simina Ignat / CUMULUS ARCHITECTURE
Collaborators: Constructor: Constar Group
Foto: Andrei Mărgulescu

Authors’ Comment

The Tic-Tac-Toe game inspired us because it's simple, at hand, fun. It is good against "yawning" during a boring course, good for face to face socializing but is also used on the other side of the chair, to exemplify some mathematical concepts ...
OK Center is a center for informal, friendly courses. OK Center, as amenity and space, is not just a location for classes: it is a place of boredom is educational directly, it is open to dialogue. Space speaks of itself, about the materials it is made of, and about its connection to the world: installations are left to sight, raw building materials (concrete, plaster, wood) are left visible. The user can touch, perhaps understand where the yellow pipe comes from and where it goes, find out where the wood furniture is brought and how much cost the bank he stays on .
Simple materials: concrete, wood are strategically duplicated by large colorful stains for a strong impact. It inspired us and we liked the dynamics of the program itself, the challenge of materializing abstract concepts, the constraints of space.
As space, we wanted a fluid, flowing and surprising place. In this sense, we used what seemed initial constraint, namely the long and maze like hallways and we developed them in an exhibition route, dotted by elements of interest and breathing: the "pockets" of play.

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