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Active house

București, România
Author: arch. Mihai-Andrei Suărășan / Zeen Design Studio

Authors’ Comment

The design is based on the concept of reversibility of the site so that at the end of the life cycle, the building can easily be dismantled and recycled and the land returned to the natural environment.
The building is designed to be built in just 4 months from prefabricated components. The construction system consists of insulated reinforced concrete foundations and mixed structure of lamellar wood frames, metal beams and reinforced concrete floors.
The construction is conceived as individual dwelling, but the building bodies can be arranged coupled, threaded and carpet type.
Active systems used: air-water heat pump, soil-water; solar panels; voltaic panels; natural ventilation; mechanical ventilation with heat recovery; LED lighting.
The interior lighting is complemented by the light provided by the roof-mounted skylights, which, besides the interior lighting function, also have the function of ventilating the rooms; windows have automatic air exchange control.
The heat pump's energy consumption is provided by solar-powered, south-facing building panels that provide the energy needed for the entire house. Meteorological waters are collected and used as domestic water for the toilet and garden irrigation.