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Science City

6th of October, Cairo, Egypt
Authors: arch. Alexandru-Iulian Oprița, arch. Maria Duda, arch. Andrei Cumpanasoiu, arch. Sorin Pasargiu
Collaborators: arh. Stefan Mantu
arh. Ahmad Maher
Nicoleta Ivascu
Madalin Colea
Dana Burchi

Authors’ Comment

Our project aims to develop a Since City Master Plan near the Giza Desert.
Located in 6th of October, a developing city with a growing community home to private universities, residential compounds and corporate headquarters.
Our main mission was to design a modern Science City that equally incorporates the 3 main functions such a center should have: Science Museum, Science Hub and Research Center. To that end we decided to use the construction of the Science City as a Showcase of what scientific innovation can bring us. Our solution was developing a micro-climatic environment that managed to bring lush vegetation and constant lower temperature in a desert area. The buildings are inspired by the desert crystals found in Egypt near Crystal Mountain and are covered with solar cells. As more and more of the buildings are being developed, the micro-climate becomes more and more efficient, as they work as small batteries.

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