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Experiential Beer Garden

Author: arch. Artenian Șoldea /
Collaborators: Alexandru Cristian Beșliu, Roberta-Iulia Frumușelu, Cosmin Georgescu, Cosmin O. Gălățianu, Horia Munteanu

Authors’ Comment

The competition challanges oneself to propose a craft brewery sheltered by an old hall on the site of villa Zarri. To express is to reveal, so how can one concieve a brewery if not divulging its process? Only by laying among its alchemy can we truly refer to it as being experiental.
If you want to give presence to the process then brewing must simultaneously become space, structure and light and its three technological states are to be expressed: on the outside-the brewhouse (with its preparation of raw materials) as a big exhaust pipe and on the inside-the fermentation and maturation state like a ceiling with inverted vaults that separates the "bazaar" from the "piano nobile" above. This new independent ceiling is held by structural "amphoras" that also consist the final state of the process-distribution.
The market and tasting area will take place inbetween these vessels like in a loud hipostyle chamber and the restaurant will be lifted so it could happen in silence.
These structural elements will tell the story of the brewing process being connected as pooring beer from a vessel into another. Likewise, this whole impluvium structure will occupy the garden, collecting rain water and irrigating the soil. The main courtyard will not be alterred, remaining an iconic hiatus for villa Zarri.

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