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Bonsai Story

București, România
Author: arch. Alexandru Duca – Autor / Răzvan Bârsan + Partners

Authors’ Comment

Taking a walk through this unusual house is like entering the study of a Jules Verne`s character. The owner’s travels around the globe are the beginning of this collection of old maps, antiquities, engines and machineries, and bonsai trees from the most exotic places. Joining all these elements into a coherent and balanced space has been a real challenge. We chose a neutral background - white walls and grey floors - to match the plain pieces of furniture in uniform colors. This homogeneous setting allowed us to add to the composition the most beautiful items of the owner`s collection, which became attraction points. The interest in engines and mechanisms is reflected through the original furniture. Sections of the plumbing system become visible, while a few walls are covered in metal, adding an industrial feeling to the overall atmosphere. The maps are displayed on the walls and on the floors, creating unexpected patterns that lead one to the central points of the house. The impressive collections of bonsai is displayed all around the house, alongside the insectaries. Our client can now display his collection and his guests have the impression that they are in a museum.

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