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Orthodox Refectory in the village of Movila

Movila, jud. Ialomița, România
Authors: arch. Elena-Codina Dușoiu, arch. Elena Constantin / Elena-Codina Dusoiu Birou Individual de Arhitectura
Collaborators: ing. Catalin Boroianu (structuri)
ing. Mihai Terzi, ing. Cristina Terzi (instalatii)

Authors’ Comment

The architecture of the sacred space is a continuous preoccupation in today Romania. In this sense, the architect plays the role of an educator, creating value with his working instruments: volume, texture and light. Unfortunately, community does not always understand this role, claiming the right to decide in a chaotic and not always subtle way
To build "a drop of absolute" for a village parish may seem a provocation, especially when what seems for the architect the simplest solution (a vault on lamelar wood structure) becomes in the end an adventure for the priest, for the builders (coming from a mountain region), the faithful people that help...the result still remaining "in progress" (that is the reason why the project appears within the Section "Research and Visions through architecture".
The function "Orthodox refectory" brings the Christian brotherly repast in continuation of liturgy, of the essential religious function. This joining has been practiced from the oldest times of Cristianism. In this sense, something from the sacred of the liturgical gesture reflects upon the meal together, ennobling it with the aura of "the Last Supper".

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