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București, România
Authors: arch. Răzvan Florian Bârsan – Autor, arch. Dana Tudor – Autor, arch. Dragoș Năstase – Autor, int.arch. Cristina Postu – Autor, int.arch. Catălina Simion – Co-autor, int.arch. Iulia Ghiță – Co-autor, arch. Simona Dinescu – Co-autor, arch. Monica Crețu – Co-autor / Răzvan Bârsan + Partners
Collaborators: arh. Radu Rechițeanu
arh. Ionel Pasmangiu
arh. Lavinia Cochină
arh. restaurare Ruxandra Nemțeanu

Authors’ Comment

Our proposal aims to make the people an active part of the building’s life, by exploring it, by being seen and by simply coming together, breeding a sense of tolerance, awareness, identity and mutual respect. The building was envisaged as a democratic place for all people and a centerpiece for a regenerated area of the city, transforming the historic building in a vibrant cultural center. We wished to encapsulate the Romanian history, from Dacian times to present day, so we decided upon an urban oriented architectural action, in the sense of adjusting to history a desired view of the present. Everything is arranged around a central elliptical walkway elevated above the ground, that connects the four wings of the building, tracing a space similar to an arena that untangles the visuals towards the battle described below by the Trajan’s column replica.
The exhibitions dedicated to prehistoric times and Modern Romania will be the centerpieces of the museum`s collections. The space is meant to amplify the cultural meaning through the atmosphere, thus allowing the visitor to discover the past through a reflection of the present.

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