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București, România
Authors: arch. Alexandru-Iulian Oprița, arch. Larisa Ratoi, arch. Raluca Munteanu
Collaborators: cgi. Christiana Tudor
arh. Andrei Cumpanasoiu
arh. Laurentiu Constantin
arh. Lidia Ratoi
arh. Radu Serbanescu
Nicoleta Ivascu
Madalin Colea
Dana Burchi

Authors’ Comment

Our project's main task was designing an extension an iconic cultural landmarks: The National Museum of Romanian History. The main challenge was to deliver an authentic and engaging building that would capitalize upon MNIR's contextual attributes rather than a construction that would contrast its heritage. Another important factor was transforming MNIR into a social landmark that brings added value to its community, thus transforming it from a one-time touristic check point into the city's cultural hub.
Considering its location as a gateway between the hype entertainment area of the Old City and the cultural axis of Calea Victoriei, and the lack of green public areas in the surroundings, we wanted to explore the idea of an open air cultural hub. So, instead of closing the interior garden for the extra space, we decided to extend the project mostly underground and design only a small addition at the ground level that can also be exploited as a public park.Thus, we managed not only to create the extra space needed, but also an addition of 3750 mp of public green-space. Integrated sustainability systems and energy efficient strategies bring added value on the long term.

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