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Hostel for Hope, Mwanza - Housing for improved access to cancer treatment for women

Mwanza, Tanzania
Authors: arch. Ana - Dora Matei, arch. Alecsandru - Ioan Vasiliu, dr.anthrop. Andrei Mihail / Latitudine 53

Authors’ Comment

Housing for improved access to cancer treatment for women. Our vision - a local ”experience community”. Disease and treatment disturb the social life-world of the patients. Essential for reducing this phenomenon is to help patients share experiences and illness narratives with each other as individual discourses includes complementary types of knowledge to the medical ones. The project relies on spaces with different levels of privacy: from the room to the small “home” garden, the larger “panorama” gardens, support group facility and the large assembly/dinning room, sharing experiences is a tool for newcomers to shorten the adaption period. With community in mind, we design a small village nested on to the topography. The spaces are designed to be used for social interaction in order to address stigma (sexual dysfunction and high rates of infertility make re-integration difficult), depression (experienced on an average of 97 days by 33% of the patients treated with chemotherapy) boredom and as a place for learning and sharing for the medical staff in Mwanza (a study showed that 83.9% of nurses located at the Mwanza medical facility are unsatisfied by information provided by school or hospitals) or for local medical practices.

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