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Author: arch. Ioana Țurcanu – Autor

Authors’ Comment

(IN)VISIBLE MANIFESTATION OF EMOTION is a study that explores the relationship between the dynamics of architectural forms and the physical and imaginative manifestation of emotion in a certain architectural and urban environment.
This study was developed based on Laban Movement Analysis - a method and language for describing, visualizing, interpreting and documenting human movement, in order to expand the sense of space, raise awareness on the influence of architectural space over the physical manifestation of emotion.
This research involved observation, drawing and analyzing a selection of architectural spaces. At this stage, the discovered fragments exemplify the relationship between the spatial tension and the flow and shape of trace-forms.
The imagery developed are a result of my findings during several study trips to the site.
The challenge was to analyses the flow and shape of natural paths in human movement through public architecture in order to establish the influence of the quality and dynamics of architectural space on human emotions.

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