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Suburban residence in Lipia

Lipia, jud. Ilfov, România
Authors: arch. Răzvan Lăcraru, arch. Mihaela Lăcraru / B.I.A. Lăcraru M. Răzvan, B.I.A. Brehui C. Mihaela

Authors’ Comment

The residence designed for a young couple was imagined as a composition of "clean" volumes, in a tight relationship with the site and the surroundings.
Out of the entire composition two volumes set the tone for this residence: the horizontal bar on the first floor that houses the night area and the vertical white monolith that encloses the staircase. The axis of the staircase reaches out onto the site, as it is emphasized by the surface of a long and narrow swimming lane. The wood texture on the bedroom bar volume can also be found surrounding the pool.
The alternation of clear volumes aims for a vivid vibration of the building, a vibration that is also supported by the contrast between the textures of the wooden facade and the white cement rendering and the dark grey inserts or the lines of light.
We also applied sustainable architecture principles, by shading the large windows where it was possible and by using eco-friendly materials.

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