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The world of Löwendal's characters - exhibition design

București, România
Author: arch. Irina-Teodora NEMȚEANU / RUXANDRA NEMTEANU B.I.A.-S.R.C.V.M.I.
Collaborators: Curatori: prof. dr. Ruxandra Demetrescu, drd. Cristina Cojocaru
Organizator: Fundația Löwendal
Colaboratori execuție: Atelier Moldoveanu
Design grafic: Faber Studio


Authors’ Comment

“The world of Löwendal's characters”, a personal exhibition dedicated to the artist George Lӧwendal, took place between October 2017 - January 2018 in the Museum of Art Collections. The architectural design of the exhibition is visually joining the curatorial concept by underlining the relationship between Löwendal's different characters appearing in his works. The exhibition should be perceived as a scenography as a whole, where the artist’s characters act as actors in the exhibition space, bringing together different techniques, periods, and creative environments. These overlays required a series of architectural marks throughout the exhibition, placed in order to support and enhance the diversity of the exhibited works. We considered it necessary to create a dialogue between the two architectural starting- and endpoints in the exhibition: the stage/box, for showing sketches of scenography costumes (in the first room) and the curtain, with hanging lightboxes showing the artist’s stage decorations (in the last room). Color becomes an assumed element throughout the exhibition, as a mark of Russian avant-garde and cubism - Lӧwendal's own artistic context.

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