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Student Home – “Ovidius” University of Constanța

Student Home – “Ovidius” University of Constanța

Authors: arh.Vlad Andreescu, arh.Consuela Dumitrescu, arh.Gheorghe Goiciu, arh.Ana Berceanu, dr.arh. Mirela Terzi, urb. Andra Grecu
Firm: Metroul S.A.

Amenajare de suprafață și structură: Ing. Luminița Enescu, Ing.Răzvan Burlacu
Instalații complexe: Ing. Manuel Mândrea, Ing. Rodica Rotaru, Ing. Florin Barbu, Ing.Andrei Goiciu, Ing.Bogdan Axinte.
Rețele: Ing.Luiza Georgescu, Ing.Viorica Ciobănescu.

Authors’ Comment

The creation of a new accommodation center for students located in Aleea Studenţilor, no.1A, that includes multifunctional spaces is necessary in the implementation of the medium and long term development strategy of the "Ovidius" University of Constanța, according to which the University is in a continuous process of expanding and adapting the offer education and training. The student dormitory is intended for the accommodation of University students, containing 167 accommodation places in a room with two places, equipped with its own bathroom. All rooms are equipped with function-specific furniture, the accommodation units have balconies along their entire length (except for two rooms for people with disabilities). The balconies will be provided with partitions made of duplex laminated matt glass, parasol type modules made of treated wood for the exterior and railings made of black painted metal strips. The exterior aspect of the building fits into the volume of the area and at the same time represents a contemporary architectural expression of the building with the function of a student dormitory. The facades harmonize and give rhythm through the vertical and horizontal lines of force at the compositional level through the opaque-void relationship.

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