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Day Tower – Office Building

Day Tower – Office Building

Authors: arh. Andrei Fotescu, arh. Mihai Gheorghiu, arh. Antonios Kapraras, arh. Ioana Padure, arh. Laura Despoiu (Tăchiciu, arh. Daniel Roșu, arh. Roxana Șomănescu, arh. Mariana Călugăriță, arh. Alexandru Ostache, arh. Mihnea Orășanu
Firm: K-BOX Construction Design SRL și Western Outdoor

Structure project: Cubus Hellas
plumbing: Addict Invest

Authors’ Comment

Day Tower is an office building in the city centre of Bucharest on Unirii Boulevard, in a pre-revolutionary urban context, next to the Bucharest Tribunal, the National Library and neighbouring apartment blocks. The project’s integration in the street front could be considered a provocation.

The authors of the project went through a period of studies with different approaches, in order to reach a result that would satisfy the client’s expectations and the contextual architectural criteria. It is an A-class office building that is the result of the intersection of diverse criteria and constraints; urban, architectural functional and economic. During the study of the project, in all our steps we kept a contemporary perspective, following the urbanistic integration of the project strictly on the elements of aligning with the building line and height.

The building’s architecture is a clean-cut volume, deliberately visible and present, with the façade being the balance between opaque and transparent / reflective elements. The separation of the “cube” from the ground floor horizontality ensures the alignment with the built surroundings, creating a detailing of the ground floor that ensures the buildings integration within the city life on a pedestrian level. The interior of the building is flexible and functional, with accessible and well lit spaces, suited for transparent partitions.