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Untitled – as a vail, without excess objects

Untitled – as a vail, without excess objects

Authors: arh. Elena-Roxana Jipa, arh. Silvia Olteanu
Firm: Lime Studio S.R.L.

Authors’ Comment

The whole construct of man has become a secret composition of matter, a continuous advance in the horizon of objects, passing blindly through them, aroused by passion and passing interests, but the first quality of human existence, which distinguishes us from other living beings is living on the edge of fulfillment. Thus, the question arises: "What makes a house become a home?" Home embodies with innumerable facets attributes such as continuity and self-expression, personal identity, social realities, warmth, the physical structure appropriate to the intimacy of the self, the roots and the source for stability. Home is earth and belly, home is oven. Home is the place you always cover in kisses that can replace any other clothes.

Therefore, we propose a simple "vail" design concept stripped of excess objects with a colour palette and materials in tones of terracotta and rough stone, a space that invites evolution and freedom, a space not yet negotiated. Spaces evolve when they are inhabited, inhabitation being the end of the negotiation process.

For most of us, creating 'home' is more than building or furnishing, it is the emotional connection and comfort with which we inhabit a space, behind closed doors. "'Luxury' for 'home' is synonymous with 'well-being and self-expression in its purest form'. Choosing designer furniture pieces, framed by a fluid space without too many fixed compartments, only used where strictly necessary is an uncompromising answer. Custom recessed furniture on the two sides of the given space, together with the lengthy canvas like divider complete the idea of simplicity.

The tone-on-tone combination, inspired by a shade so familiar to man, the colour of burnt earth, is an easy choice for any human character. Because terracotta is literally pulled from the earth, it evokes man's connection to nature, to working with his hands, evokes richness and warmth, brightens the space and adds personality. Terracotta is the colour of energy, and it is the inhabitant who can shape this energy.

We find ourselves in a time when we need less and when, no matter how much we wander through the urban flesh, returning home must always be a journey back to our roots.

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